Welcome to Vibgyor Steel

We take pleasure in introducing to you Vibgyor Steel as one of the fastest growing PEB components and Insulated panels manufacturing companies in the Middle East with operations spanning Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia and Africa

Board of Directors is headed by Engr. Joseph Mathew (Ex-CEO, Kirby South East Asia), who is having more than 30 years of experience in the PEB industry. The management team includes a group of experienced professionals with expertise in the area of steel manufacturing across the globe.

Vibgyor Steel Pre-Engineered Building Division is one of several units operating under the Vibgyor corporate group. Over the last decade, Vibgyor Steel business has grown in size to become a significant part of Vibgyor corporate group.

In Vibgyor Steel PEB Division, our primary focus is to meet the expectations of our worldwide customers for durable, affordable and versatile steel structures. Every building that we design, manufacture, and deliver for erection is created with the satisfaction of the future occupants and owners in mind.

Vibgyor group began operations in 1980's, specializing in the design and manufacture of top quality steel buildings to be used as factories, shopping malls, warehouses, distribution centers, airplane hangars and schools. This vast knowledge and experience gained during the last several decades helped Vibgyor Steel to develop current state of art design and manufacturing facilities and to become market leader in the pre-engineered steel industry.

Vibgyor Steel, Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, 📞 +971 7243 4599, 📞 +971 7243 4598, 📞 sales@vibgyorsteel.org,sales@vibgyorsteel.com